• Axl Rosenberg

Our friend Sergeant D at Metal Inquisition has taken it upon himself to make a bold claim: that Six Feet Under’s “Amerika the Brutal” is the worst death metal song of all-time. The Sarge writes:

I’m a huge fan of Loveline (only the radio show, the TV show was awful). One of the hosts, Adam Carolla, came up with the term “stangry,” which describes someone who is simultaneously stupid and angry. I really can’t think of a better term for Chris Barnes, as his whole post-Cannibal career has that kind of directionless, inarticulate anger directed at SOMEONE who is responsible for, well, all the bad stuff in the world. He reminds me of an old, half-blind moose who gets shot in the leg by a bowhunter and just runs around smashing into stuff, bellowing at the top of his lungs and lashing out at whatever is around him in an attempt to get back at whoever made him feel this pain and rage.

I hate Six Feet Under as much as the next Cannibal Corpse fan, but I’m not sure I can get behind Mr. D on this particular issue. I mean, hasn’t he ever heard that band with the triangle? I feel like I get twenty demos from unsigned death metal bands a week that are almost all worse than anything Chris Barnes and company have ever made or could ever make. There are some real amateurs out there.

Head over to Metal Inquisition to read more of Sergeant D’s analysis, then come back here to let us know what you think.


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