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zakk_clotIn case you haven’t been following along, Zakk Wylde has been plagued by hospital visits as of late. The last we heard, he was suffering from blood clots, and things got so bad that Black Label Society had to drop off a recent tour with Mudvayne.

Now Wylde’s wife, Barbaranne, has written into the BLS official fan forum to give an update on Zakk’s condition:

“Zakk is still on this rollercoaster. One day blood thinners too high…next day they don’t even register in his blood. We have an appointment with a hemotologist on Friday. He does have a rare, genetic clotting disorder.”

I haven’t really enjoyed Zakk’s work in some time, but he was a hero in my youth, and the dude’s place in metal history is secure regardless of what grumpy bloggers like me say about Generic Song About Booze and Metal or whatever the last BLS album was called. And obviously, I wish actual physical harm upon no one very few people.

So I’m sending out good thoughts to Zakk. Please get better, dude. And then go figure out how to make another awesome album, like in the old days.


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