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  • Axl Rosenberg

World Painted Blood

It wouldn’t be Slayer cover art if it weren’t gruesome. And the cover for World Painted Blood is pretty gruesome.

Actually, it’s technically four pieces of cover art that all come together to make the big picture you see above. Says a press release:

Slayer’s World Painted Blood, the band’s highly-anticipated new album set for a November 3 release (American Recordings), will initially ship with four special collector’s edition CD covers. Each of the four covers will display one-fourth of a provocative continental map illustrated with human skulls and bones; when placed together, the four images form a complete and grisly map of the world.

All four of the initial CD packages will include a special blood-red, see-through top panel with the map displayed beneath it.

The World Painted Blood Deluxe Edition will have its own special layout of the map cover art and will be in a double-digipak housed in a blood-red, see-through plastic sleeve. The Deluxe Edition will include the World Painted Blood CD, the “Playing With Dolls” DVD, a 20-minute animated graphic novel featuring music from the album (including part of a new non-album song), and an expanded booklet.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is there really any moron who’s gonna fall for this and buy all four editions of the album?”

And the answer is, “Yes.” I will. I am that idiot. I bought that crazy “Psychopathy Red” vinyl single, and I will buy four editions of the new Slayer album. ‘Cause even if I’m not “Carve the band’s name into my arm” crazy, I’m still a pretty huge Slayer fan.

Go here to see each album cover individually, before being joined together like Voltron to make one mega-cover.

So… is it November 3 yet?


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