When Susan Gerl, guitarist for Dutch melodic death metallers and MetalSucks faves God Dethroned, offered to do a tour blog for the South American leg of the band’s War Propaganda tour, we just couldn’t say no! Read Susan’s account of the highs and lows of that tour below. And don’t forget that God Dethroned start the North American, MetalSucks co-sponsored leg of the tour tomorrow. Get a complete tour itinerary here, or after the jump!

At the moment I’m sitting on the plane from Houston to Tucson, and we have nearly finished the first leg of our War Propaganda World Tour.

We started off in Brazil and had a really good time there. The atmosphere was really nice and laid back. Something we had to get used to, though, was the Brazilian sense of time. When we arranged to meet somewhere, we would be there, right on the spot – and waiting. After doing this for one day we adapted ourselves pretty quickly to the Brazilian pace of doing things and just stayed relaxed in our hotel rooms until the promoter phoned us that it was time to go to the venue, which was usually a couple of hours later than initially planned, so no rush there.

One disappointment in Brazil was the cancellation of our Sao Paulo show. To make a long story short: it all came down to money and corruption.


From Brazil we had an extremely turbulent flight to Peru (of which some of us thought we wouldn’t survive, hehe!). We played three cool shows there and endured some of the longest and most extreme and bus rides ever!

Then we headed to Ecuador, which was a really beautiful country with an insane crowd! You guys rule!

Our bus trip from Ecuador to Colombia was also really memorable because of the really beautiful scenery.

In Colombia we played two very cool shows with the sympathetic guys from Belphegor and again the crowd was really great!


The last part of the first part of our tour would consist of four Mexican shows, but the most unimaginable thing happened when we arrived at Monterrey airport yesterday. We were supposed to be picked up by our Mexican promoter Ernie, but when he didn’t show up. After a couple of hours we started making some phone calls, and to our horror found out that he had been involved in a fatal car accident on his way to Monterrey.
As a result, all shows were canceled and we decided to head to the United States one week earlier than planned. We would like to express our sincere condolences to Ernie’s family and friends and we will hopefully make it to Mexico again some other time.


So looking back on the past three weeks I can say this has been a really interesting tour so far: we met lots of crazy fans, played on some very interesting drum kits and amps, to say the least, endured some extremely long and, on certain occasions, dangerous bus rides (amongst others through FARC territory in Colombia), ate tons of pollo (i.e. chicken – but not for me of course ;-)) and visited many new countries in a very short period of time.

Viva South America, we’ll be back soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out in any way, all the new and friendly people we met and especially everyone from Elexorien and Tiago, Bruno, Arie, Jose and Nelson for their hard work.

-Susan – on behalf of God Dethroned

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