Slave to the Grind


  • Axl Rosenberg

Glenn Beck is an idiot. I know some readers think we’re too left here at MetalSucks, but even if we weren’t relatively liberal, Glenn Beck would still be an idiot. There’s no way around that. There are intelligent people on the right with legitimate political ideals that differ from those of the left, but Glenn Beck is just an asshole. He routinely lies, contradicts things he’s said in the past for the sake of advancing his own agenda, and seems to be part of this growing movement to incite violence against his political opponents. So, sorry. I have nothing nice to say about the man.

So. Ziltoid sent us this video of Insect Warfare’s “Internet Era Alienation” laid over footage of Beck. Zilty told us that “I’m indifferent to the music, but Glenn Beck is an idiot, so I enjoyed this;” and I actually like the music, so it’s double the fun for me. Thanks, Zilty!

Insect Warfare actually start a semi-reunion tour (original singer Rahi isn’t taking part for reasons I’m not clear on) of the UK & Ireland tonight. Get dates here.


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