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Yesterday we told you that we’re sponsoring an AWESOME tour this winter with a four band bill, and while we can’t tell you all the bands on the bill just yet, we can tease that info out for you. So every day for the rest of this week, we’ll be posting an interview with a member of each band on the bill, featuring questions designed to help you guess who they are without spoiling the surprise. Then, this Monday, October 12, we’ll reveal the complete line-up for the tour!

As many of you successfully guessed yesterday, the first band on the bill is Mutiny Within (pictured above). We’ve seen this young band several times in the past couple of years, and there’s little doubt in our minds that they are going to be really, really big. Their debut album drops next year on Roadrunner, and we’re insanely excited to have them on this tour!

After the jump, check out the interview with a member of the second band on the bill. See if you can guess who it is just based on his or her answers!!!

Where is your band from?

Virginia, kind of.

Including yourself, how many members are there in your band?


How many words are in your band’s moniker?


How many albums have you released? How many years has it been since your band’s debut album?

Four, and the first album came out five years ago.

How many members of your original line-up remain? And by “original,” we mean musicians who were on an album people have heard of. No one cares about that dude who was on your demo that one time.


To which label are you currently signed?

Nuclear Blast Records.

Were you or any other members of your band ever in another well-known band? (If so, please don’t say which band or bands… that would spoil the fun.)

One of us was in Scarlet at one time.

How would you describe your band’s particular brand of metal?

Metal, if you must ask.

Does your band have male members, female members, or some mix thereof?

All man-meat here.

Does your band utilize clean vocals, screaming, or some mix thereof?

All screaming, the vocalist is tone deaf.

How many guitar players in your band?


Does your band have a drummer?


Does your band have a bassist?


Does your band have a keyboardist?


Thanks for playing along, mystery guest. Please tell us one another random fact of your choosing that might help our readers guess who you are.

We once covered a Depeche Mode song.

Alright, MetalSucks Maniacs… start yer guessin’!

-AR & VN

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