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[Horse the Band are currently on tour supporting their new album Desperate Living (full stream here!). Keyboardist Lord Gold (his mommy calls him Erik) was one of the first dudes in a band to do guest blogs for us and he’s fucking hilarious, so when he offered to do a tour blog again on this latest jaunt we were delighted. God willing we’ll have a few more entries in the coming weeks. -Ed.]

Driving to Corpus Christi… We ate Rudy’s BBQ in San Antonio this morning. I ate half a sausage, creamed corn, and 6 baby back ribs. It made the drive go by, it put me down. 3 hours later… we are in Corpus Christi. I woke up and immediately felt crippling boredom watching the car dealership signs go by. Lots of times when you’re not on tour you feel nostalgia for a certain place and activity you did there. Feels kinda exotic and special compared to the routine of the rest of your life… Being out of town and eating something, or whatever… You think about how fun that would be and how good it will be to get on tour again and roll up there one day. I want to eat sno cones in Corpus Christi pretty often at this sno cone stand. The perfect balance of syrup and ice that held the syrup in it and didn’t freeze into big balls. When I woke up I realized the sno cone place would be closed. It’s not summer. We probably wouldn’t go to the beach either. Then I remembered the venue in the abandoned part of downtown. It put me in a mental hole that reached a low low enough to force me into writing a “tour blog”.

Last night I lay on the floor of the back room for a while in the corner. I did not know what to do. I walked out to the trailer alone and took 3 shots of vodka from my “value bottle” and came back in. Things seemed a little bit better but still not to the point where “talking to people” felt like a viable option. Then we played.

We lost one of our trailer locks last night because we were too drunk. Then when we were driving back to the venue to look for it this morning we saw it on the street and got it. Sometimes I think about how you could just leave anything somewhere overnight and go get it in the morning.  It feels silly. For a while I was sad because the locks cost $30 each and I had to special order them off the Internet and we only got them 3 days ago. When we found it I remember thinking “I smiled” and wondered about smiling in general.

Yesterday I stood on an anthill for a while on accident, then a bunch of ants bit my leg. I looked down and couldn’t see my shoe. It was kind of funny. It also helped to pass an hour cause I got to find them in my shoe and kill them all. I have to go pee in a ziplock bag now so one of my bros can pass his drug test.


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