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  • Axl Rosenberg

Nah, just kiddin’. It’s just a new Throwdown song! “This Continuum,” from the band’s forthcoming album Deathless, is streaming at Noiscecreep right now.


It’s really mean of me to keep poking this band for sounding so much like Pantera. For one thing, I’ve really enjoyed some Throwdown in the past; for another thing, I interviewed TxDx (do people really refer to them that way?) guitarist Mark Choiniere once, and he was a really, really nice dude. But, y’know. They do sound a lot like Pantera.

That being said, the chorus to this song strikes me as being kinda, well… Godsmack-y. Am I alone there?

Deathless comes out November 10 on E1.


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