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divinity - the singularityMS Maniac Raymond Lee sent us a link to the Canadian progressive metal band Divinity with the following email subject line: “fucking, wow.”

For once, you guys got it right. Elaborates Mr. Lee:

They’ve got this weird mixture of SYL and Meshuggah.  Incredible shredding, awesome drum work, great vocals.  Fucking hell they make my balls quiver.  I think they’d be a good band to feature.
P.S.  I’m pretty much completely baked right now.
P.S.S.  And I’m hammered.

Baked, hammered or not, Divinity definitely make my balls quiver. According to a press release we received earlier this month but skipped over (oops) the band is now without a record label following their 2008 release Allegory on Nuclear Blast. But the band is soldiering on and self-releasing their new album The Singularity on December 1st through all the usual outlets — iTunes, Amazon, Tunecore etc. How can a band this good remain unsigned? Someone get on that. Listenable Records, Relapse or Prosthetic should be all over these guys.


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