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The Red Chord’s new album, Fed Through the Teeth Machine, is every bit as brutal and baffling as its title would suggest. And I mean “baffling” as a compliment, by the way. This band has zero interest in doing anything besides whatever the fuck they want to do, and they’ve yet to run out of steam. Fed Through the Teeth Machine will continue to cement their reputation as innovators – leaders, not followers, of the genre. If they even fit into one genre. Which, really, they do not. This is very much still the band that made Fused Together in Revolving Doors, even if the line-up is different.

Our Broman Polanskis* at Metal Injection are now streaming a brand new track off the album, “One Robot to Another.” It’s actually one of my favorite songs on the record. So please stop reading this now and go listen to it.

Still here? I said GO LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG, dick.

Fed Through the Teeth Machine comes out October 27 on Metal Blade. I’m gonna try and get a review up before the end of the week.


*Full credit to Ben Apatoff at Metal Injection for coming up with that. The man is truly a comic genius.

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