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  • Axl Rosenberg


The fellas in Cobalt are angry at Garden of Exile records. How angry? Very, very, very angry. Here’s a posting from their MySpace page:

The swine that run Garden of Exile records have long been given the opportunity to send us the Eater of Birds LP’s that we are owed, but have failed to do so since March of this year. We had to buy copies of our own LP’s online from people lucky enough to have received their orders.

The label owner has claimed to have sent them, then later recanted saying that he would send them the following weekend. Then the swine went on ‘holiday’ to Thailand and says that he will send our LP’s when he returns. As far as I know he has also ripped off Wrath of the Weak in a similar manner and has failed to send the agreed upon amount to Profound Lore Records, from whom they licensed the music.

These goddamn pigs are selling OUR music and are blatantly disrespecting us and our fans. I encourage all our fans to email these swine at info AT gardenofexile DOT nl to let them know that their bullshit isnt to be tolerated.

And believe me if there is an opportunity to ‘visit’ this man, it will be done.

I have absolutely no experience in dealing with Garden of Exile, and I can’t even really say it’s a label I’m familiar with. But assuming Cobalt’s accusations are true, this is, indeed, a shitty, shitty situation (shituation?). Feel free to hit up the “swine” at that the above e-mail address and stand up for the artists’ rights.


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