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According to a press release just picked up on the newswire by the MS Mansion Monkeys, Polish death metallers Decapitated — who were decimated by a car wreck in 2007 that killed one member and left another in a coma — are on their way back. Wacek “Vogg” Kieltyka, guitarist & founding member, has issued the following statement:

“It’s time to come back!  After a two-year break, DECAPITATED is coming back with new members.  The official new line-up for DECAPITATED will be announced at the end of December.

“As you all know, the decision to continue the band was really, really hard for me, but everything I do now is to keep DECAPITATED alive. [Vocalist] Covan’s situation has not improved much and he is still in bed and unable to function on his own.  He still fights to recover as we speak and we are all still 100% behind him and hope for the best.  It has been the hardest thing for me to move on without [brother & drummer] Vitek by my side, but he would have wanted me to continue with the band.”

It strikes me as odd that Vogg isn’t revealing the identities of the new members, seeing as everyone seems to know that Kerim “Krimh” Lechner — whose impressive solo work I posted earlier this week — is the new drummer. Even the band’s Wikipedia page (not that Wikipedia is always the bastion of truth… but still) claims that Krimh was announced as an official member on July 31st of this year, and you all immediately called it in the comments of the above-linked Krimh post. Perhaps Krimh has been dismissed? I guess we’ll have to wait until December to find out. In the meantime, check out the above video of Krimh’s latest song “Go In Circles.”

Vogg then goes on to reveal the band’s upcoming touring plans:

“Finally, I have found some great musicians who can continue the work of Vitek and Covan.  At the beginning of April, DECAPITATED will start to play our first reunion shows.  We will visit the biggest cities in Australia and play some of the biggest summer festivals in Europe.  Don’t worry, we won’t forget about the U.K.!  After this, the band will concentrate on the making of a new album!  I would like to thank all the people who have supported us all this time.”

I think — I hope — that everyone can agree this is good news. Decapitated were (still are) so young when this tragedy struck and they never really had a chance to realize their full potential. In the case of this band I don’t think that continuing on with new members is at all a “cash grab” nor will it sully the band’s legacy. What do you think?


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