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final fantasy tattooAs we mentioned in our Djent-centric post in which we featured DC Sumeriancore outfit Haunted Shores, the band are currently in the studio with Periphery guitarist / studio wiz kid Misha Mansoor. Their latest is a djenty take on the theme music from Final Fantasy. My dork boner became raging hard the minute I pressed play on Haunted Shores’ MySpace and the sounds of that oh-so-sweet theme music filled my ears. Though my Final Fantasy experience stopped after the game’s very first NES iteration and this cover is purportedly based on VII, I still found the whole thing enjoyable… if you were ever into Final Fantasy, this is a must.

While you’re there please do listen to the rest of the music Haunted Shores have posted. And try not to wince at the above tattoo culled from the Webernets.


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