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darth metal

In theory, I should hate a band that has adopted the gimmick of being completely Star Wars-themed, but I’m a Star Wars dork and have enjoyed Buckethead’s renditions of John Williams’ awesome score many times in the past. So I’m gonna give a free pass to the UK’s Anchorhead, who not only do metal versions of Wiliams’ music, but apparently play dressed as various Star Wars characters. Seriously. Take a look:


Actually, the Greed0 bassist looks like it might be a Photoshop job, but for the sake of fun, I’m just gonna go with it for now.

I’m sure this shit gets real old real quick, but it amuses me just enough that I might try to make it through an entire live show if the band ever makes it to the states… as long as there no Jar Jar Drummer.


Thanks to Cooper Stapleton for the tip!

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