• Axl Rosenberg

Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine has written another ridiculous top five list for The Deciblog – this one about the best “vegetarian eats” – but it’s not really offensive, and it would just be petty of me to respond with a top five “meat eats” or whatever (although there’s some obvious humor to be had there).

No, instead I’d like to concentrate on this morning’s Invisible Oranges post by Cosmo Lee regarding  “the new breed of female metallers,” which seems to have been inspired, at least in part, by Kristine’s initial list about why women in metal rule, and my (admittedly sophomoric) response.

As is usually the case, Mr. Lee makes some excellent recommendations, my favorite of which is a Russian band, Tantal. Here’s their video for a song called “Suicide.” I suggest you stick with it through the entire six minutes, even if you don’t dig the beginning – as Cosmo writes, “It starts off cheesy but gets better and better, with an amazing Between the Buried and Me-style outro.”

Head over to Invisible Oranges to see Cosmo’s other picks – which include a band that sounds more or less exactly like Suffocation, and a teenage girl shredding some Metallica.

And if anyone has any recommendations for bands with female members that we don’t routinely write about here at MS (e.g., Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, etc.), please leave ’em in the comments section below, WITH A LINK, and Vince and I’ll check ’em out.


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