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Covering Necrophagist on any instrument would be pretty impressive… their music is very technical to say the least. But the tricky part here, as far as ukuleles go, is that they aren’t tuned like guitars; they’re tuned (bottom to top) GCEA, meaning you can’t just take the guitar line and play it on the same strings on a uke. I’m guessing this fine chap’s first instrument is guitar (although that’s just a gander) meaning he had to learn it on guitar and then transpose it into a different tuning and re-learn it on the uke. That’s really fucking impressive! If you’re wondering why the normally placid ukulele sounds all keyboard-y here, it’s because it’s an electric uke played through (I’m guessing) a midi controller.

Apologies to whoever submitted this video, as I can’t find the email/comment… but you know who you are, so I thank you!


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