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Thanks to Saul Hudson, who sent us the below screen grab from Charlie Benantie’s MySpace page:

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Now, here’s my personal experience with regards to buying new metal CDs at Best Buy – which I actually do from time to time, seeing as Charlie is more or less right, and there’s no place left to buy physical copies of music anymore*.

Unless you’re talking about a bigger release – Slipknot or Mastodon or Lamb of God, for example – Best Buy usually only has a few copies of new metal albums. If you get there the day of the album release, you can probably get one. If you find yourself in  a time crunch and need to wait a day, well, you might be shit out of luck – ’cause like Charlie said, there’s no place else to buy music, and if they have five copies and six metal heads within traveling distance, well, one of ’em is gonna be shit outta luck.

But this was posted on November 10, the day the Among the Living reissue hit shelves. And 4:41 PM isn’t really that late in the day. So it does seem like Mr. Benante might have a legitimate gripe.

Of course, Charlie – and the rest of Anthrax, save a vocalist, I assume – also participated in a signing of the album at the new Best Buy in Union Square today. I wonder how that went.


*I love local record stores for used shit and rarities, but their prices on new stuff inevitably sucks. I wanna support mom n’ pop, but not when the same exact CD is literally half the price at the soulless chain store nearby. Sorry.

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