Devin Townsend Sucks



Gene Hoglan: The Atomic Clock. What he can do to an otherwise ordinary or bland riff is beyond explanation. He is an ARTIST first, world’s greatest metal drummer second. Plus… confidence and a circular groove. How many times while writing with a drummer have you heard them say “There should be no drums there, it’s what the song wants”… Never?

Ryan VanPoederooyen: RVP – strong, consistent, thick and tight as hell. Absolute precision and dedication, from mellow to full shred.

JP from Clutch: So much fun to watch, amazing groove, ass off the chair for the “one.”

Bobby Jarzombek: Holy shit, so tight, so controlled, great stick attack.

Gavin Harrison: THAT’S how you pull a tone out of the skins.

Duris Maxwell: THAT’S how you pull a groove out of the cymbals

Marco Minneman: Double kick shuffles, a much different approach that most folks.

Virgil Donati: Lots of great Aussy drummers (and bands… Cog, Contrive, Alchemist, Karnivool, The Amenta, Berzerker etc…), but this guy is a freak.

Brooks Wackerman: Amazing player who is frighteningly connected to his instrument.

Tim Yeung: I LOVE speed drumming, and he is not only ridiculous in that department, but he’s also REALLY clever.

Tomas Haake: What can I say? The intellectual punisher.

Horatio Hernandez: I saw this guy do a clinic a few weeks ago and he turned me on my ear. He’s in a place on the beat that can only occur if you are him. Behind slightly, but relaxed, incredibly intense and coooolll…

Buddy Rich: He’s dead and he’s STILL better than everyone.


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