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I really like the Rockstar Mayhem Festival – it’s like someone went to Ozzfest and figured out a way to make it way better. Having two side-by-side second stages was a stroke of genius; there’s no downtime in-between bands, because one act can set up while another plays. The mainstage has been solid, too, although there’s always one co-headliner that’s totally missable – in other words, Disturbed and Marilyn Manson played those slots. But so have Slayer, Mastodon, and a bunch of other great bands, so there’s that.

Well, our pals at Metal Insider are reporting a few rumors as to whom might be on this year’s fest, and it looks as though the skipable band this year may very well be Korn.

MI also says that Rob Zombie and Hatebreed may or may not also be on the tour. And while I haven’t exactly been in love with the last few albums by those artists, they both put on a good live show – Hatebreed, especially, I think are best enjoyed in a live setting – so I wouldn’t exactly rush to beat traffic if those bands play. But Korn… yeah, I’ve actually seen Korn live, and, um, thanks but no thanks.

It’s worth noting that Shadows Fall were also campaigning for a spot, even going so far as to offer fans who helped petition for them to get on the tour free tickets (which I thought was pretty cool, although I know some other writers here disagree). I have no idea if that gambit worked or not, or, for that matter, if the Shads would play the mainstage or the second stage; I’d almost rather see them on the second stage, just ’cause fuck watching Shadows Fall from a seat, but whatever.

So what do y’all think of the line-up that may or may not be taking shape? What other bands would you like to see do this tour in an ideal world? Personally, I’m really hoping Five Finger Death Punch play again, so that there’s a built-in nap break in the show.


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