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Either something’s in the water at the Season of Mist offices or they’ve got some new personnel over there that’s movin’ and shakin’; in the past 1+ years, a label that has recently specialized in mostly European metal farther from the beaten path has signed Cynic, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and now Morbid Angel. Not that these acts are likely to headline the Rockstar Mayhem Yadda Yadda Tour anytime soon, but by most standards they’re much more “mainstream” than the label’s previous fare. All of which “previous fare” is quite good, by the way; I wrote a piece about some of Season of Mist’s lesser known bands a while back.

Check out a clip of the new song “Nevermore” filmed earlier this year below [via Blabs] for maximum ass kickage. Then, to counterbalance with a good laugh, check out Season of Mist’s laughably stuck in 1998 website, replete with bad flash, animated .gifs, cheesy imagery and pop-up windows (I recommend both the “light html” AND “heavy flash” versions for some solid lulz!).


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