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With the Snot semi-reunion basically falling apart before it ever really got off the ground, the band’s remaining members -Mike Doling, John Fahnestock and Jamie Miller – needed to find another meal ticket. But rather than try and re-re-jigger Snot, they’ve decided to move forward under a new name: Tons.

Yes, you read that correctly. They just spelled “Snot” backwards and decided that this would be a good band name. Morons.

I suspect that the rationale behind this decision was “Hey, people shouldn’t feel like we’re exploiting the ‘Snot’ moniker, but we need to remind people that we’re three-fifths of Snot.” But deciding to just spell the name backwards… that’s the kind of plan a five year old would come up with.

Granted, there’s some luck to the fact that “Snot” and “Tons” are both words – if Audioslave had decided to call themselves Enihcam eht Tsniaga Egar, they would’ve faced some pretty serious marketing problems – but it’s not as though a) “Tons” is even a cool band name (unless you’re starting a chubby chaser tribute band, maybe), or b) anyone would be unaware that the members of Tons were once members of Snot. Every single article about this band ever written from now until the end of time will mention that fact, the same way that every single article ever written about Velvet Revolver will make note of the fact that it’s basically Guns Without Rose.

But that’s Snot for ya. A class act all the way, populated exclusively by Ph.D. candidates. Jesus Christ.

There’s a new Tons song streaming here. It sucks as bad as the idea of naming the band “Tons.”


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