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readers' choiceThese are fun. You guys have been sending in a LOT of links… here’s the best of the best, in this blogger’s humble opinion.

  • Painted in Exile: At first I was skeptical of Byron W.’s claim that this Sumeriancore act is “quite interesting”… but it’s true. They’ve got a unique slant to their djenty sound.
  • Keith Merrow: An extremely well-produced one-man metal outfit based out of Portland, OR… if you like Periphery (Misha Mansoor), new Decapitated drummer Krimh’s solo stuff, or the Chronicles of Israfel (about whom I posted last week), you’ll definitely dig this. [Thanks: David Blanton]
  • Ryashon: Says MS reader Jason Lawson, “they’re two brothers, not ‘bruthas’, from PA that are in seperate [sic] mediocre death/metalcore bands. But together they’re…well, they’re just awesome.” This is truth. Epic instru-metal.
  • Dissipate: Quality brutal tech-death sent in by their drummer, Jeff.
  • Eyeless: Another (1) talented French metal band… kind of Chimaira-y, maybe just a little bit more technical. Fitting then that Mark Hunter did some guest vocals on their new album; God Forbid’s Doc Coyle does a guest guitar solo, too. [Thanks: Djabthrash]
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