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  • Axl Rosenberg

Jumping on stage at a metal show is a risky proposition. Some bands are totally cool with it, some bands aren’t. There’s also probably a right way and wrong way to do it; grabbing one of the musicians is probably not the best idea, although I certainly understand the desire to high five your favorite band member or whatever. But you have to know going into it that the band might not be as chill with the concept as you were hoping.

That being said… the below video showed up on Blabbermouth this morning, and, really, it’s not cool, or even especially funny. Basically this poor kid – who looks like he’s probably not sober but whatever – gets up on stage, tries to hug Marduk front dude Mortuus, and for his troubles… Mortuus flips him. Doesn’t just push him away, doesn’t just call for security or whatever, but full-on Mr. Miyagis the poor guy. It just strikes me as a gross overreaction. And we’re actually one of the sponsors of this tour… but I just can’t see my way to condoning the way Mortuus handled the situation.

Skip to the 1:16 mark of the below video to watch the incident, then weigh in and tell me why I’m right or wrong about Mortuus being really uncool about this.


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