suicide silenceEveryone loves a good feud, especially when Mega-dick Dave Mustaine is involved! The guy’s a fantastic musician and Endgame will likely make my year-end list, but the dude’s got serious temper and ego issues and provides us with fun stuff to write about on a near-daily basis… so thank you, Dave Mustaine!

The latest fracas involves the departure of Suicide Silence from their support run with Megadeth. At this point no official statements have been released so we can merely speculate, but here’s what Lambgoat posted yesterday:

The official announcement from Suicide Silence is fairly standard: “We’re sorry to announce that we won’t be playing tonight in Reno, NV. Megadeth, Warbringer, and Arcanium will still be there so head out and show your support for those awesome bands!”

Lambgoat followed up with a bit of good old fashioned investigative journalism to shed some more light on the matter:

However, interestingly, we received the following news submission this morning: “Suicide Silence not allowed to play Reno due to Dave Mustaine’s ego. Kicked off last two days of tour and had laminates removed.” [No source is given for this quote. -Ed.]

After digging around a bit, it appears that Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez posted the following update via Twitter: “Dave Mustaine kicked us off the Megadeth tour cuz he wanted to take our laminates for a little incident weeks ago, so we told him to fuck off.” That update has since be removed. Meanwhile, Suicide Silence bass player Dan Kenny issued the following via Twitter: “I would love a fist fight with Dave Mustaine… I hear he is quite good at MMA; I would triangle him in a second!”

We can’t know for certain yet, but I’m gonna take a giant leap of faith and say that Suicide Silence have, in fact, been booted from the tour. My guess is that the deathcore upstarts partied a little too hard one night or pushed someone’s buttons the wrong way resulting in an overzealous Mustaine dismissing them from the tour.

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