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ZakkmenschRumor no more. The speculation that E1 Records has signed Black Label Society was put to rest Friday evening by Noisecreep in a post so official that it even has a quote from the label!

As Axl observed last week, E1’s been gobbling up established metal bands like Burger Conquest‘s Rev gobbles up delicious bun-encased meat patties so it seems like a good match on paper. What remains in question is whether Zakk Wylde will continue to shit out stock BLS riffs and repackage them as new albums or whether he’ll actually try something different this time around. If ever there were a time for Wylde to change it up a bit I’d think now would be that time; having recently been shit-canned from Ozzy’s band, Wylde’s gotta have a whole lot of pent up aggression (and riffs) and could be feeling a bit restless, musically speaking.

Though Wylde’s output for both BLS and Ozzy has been shoddy lately, we’re still massive fans of the man and would love to see his incredible talent shine once agan. We’ll find out when the new BLS record drops on E1, tentatively this coming summer.


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