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The Hard R with Dallas Coyle

I really hate the end of the year during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s seasonal depression, or maybe it’s because I’m still coming to grips with the fact that Satan Clause doesn’t exist. I always get loopy during that time of the year. My last two blogs were extensions of that, and if I offended any of you guys, I apologize. I really appreciate every person who comes to MetalSucks and contributes to making this place the best metal site on the interwebz. When I called some of you “faggots” and “assholes” it was out of love. Honestly!

I’ve been an angry, bitter fuck these last couple of months. I don’t need to tell you guys. And I appreciate you being good sports throughout this whole ordeal. It’s 2010 and it’s time to move on.

From leaving God Forbid to my personal life completely falling apart, I’ve been dealing with some wild bullshit. I’m thirty years old now and for you young bucks out there, take it from me: life gets harder. But that’s okay. It has to get harder, or else we wouldn’t get stronger.

In 2010 I’m wishing my bros in God Forbid the best. I’m amped as hell that Matt Wicklund is the new official guitar player because he’s a cool dude and a much better guitar player than I could ever be. That’s the God’s honest truth. Doc and Matt have given me the privilege of hearing some of the new material, and it’s bad ass. It made me realize that I wasn’t the right fit for GF anymore. In some respects I’m sad about the changing of the tide, but for the most part I feel it was the right thing to do.

In the next couple of weeks I will be giving a full explanation for my departure from GF. Not the circumstances of how I left, but my inner feelings about why I left.

I’m starting a new band this year. The name of the band was called Soul At War but I’ve decided to change the name and start from scratch with all new songs. So in light of that decision I’m going to give you guys all the songs I’ve done so far [this download is longer available] that would essentially be the ‘direction’ I’m going in with my new project that used to be Soul At War.

I want to give you guys the run down of these songs so you can I understand the tone and point of view I’m establishing.

“I’m An Animal” – This song was the first song I wrote for my new project. It’s all about the primal instinct.

“King Deathdog” – This song is about power from a woman’s perspective. Women have it tough in this world. They have to be tough but not be a cunt at the same time. When I sing “I Am The King Of The Bitches” imagine a woman in a board room having to be King Bitch.

“Swallow The World “- This song is about the disease within yourself that doesn’t allow you to move forward.

“The Crossroad” – This song is about me feeling lost. Do I go the way of darkness or light?

“Push, Shove” – This song was an expirement for me. I wanted to have a Queen sort of structure with the classical element along with a bit of electronics. This song lyrically is about pushing yourself to the limit and losing your mind because of that decision.

“I’m Going Away Now” – This song is a personal song about a tragedy a friend of mine had. The only way to shake the feeling was singing this song.

I will be recording the album over the next four months and mixing in May for a summer release. I already have a label lined up based on the strength of what I’ve been producing so far.

Keep note: All of the stuff you’re hearing is done by me and me only. I really hope you enjoy it!

I do have one question for you cats though. After you listen to the stuff I’m going to post, let me know what new music you’re interested in this coming year. Also, let me know where you think the genre of metal is going to go. What’s going to be the new thing? What’s going to be the big story in 2010?

Keep it real!


Download Dallas’ new songs here!

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