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I’ve never heard of Orianthi Panagaris, which I suppose is my shortcoming as a human being who actually loves himself. Even though the fifteen seconds of research I just did on Google tells me I hate her, reader Greg Hendler just sent us this video of her shredding with Steve Vai, and I have to admit, the girl has chops. It’s just too bad she seems to use them for evil and not good.

This isn’t the first time Steve Vai has gone sniffing around young children – in the early 90s he was the mastermind behind Bad 4 Good, a not-very-memorable band that was really all just an excuse for Vai to take naked pictures of little boys.

After the jump, check out one of Orianthi’s solo songs, so you know that even though she plays guitar really well, you still wish she would just go away.


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