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soilworkSoilwork have a lot to prove with their next record, which a press release from Nuclear Blast tells us will be called The Panic Broadcast. It’s not that 2007’s Sworn to a Great Divide was bad, but it’s that it was just OK. Ever since the departure of primary songwriter Peter Wichers from the band before that album was recorded (and the subsequent departure of his uncle, longtime guitarist Ola Frenning), it’s felt like Soilwork have been rambling along somewhat aimlessly, trying — and falling just short of — re-living their past glory.

But now that Wichers is back in the band the game has changed.

Will Wichers’ incredible knack for sweet riffs and songs have the outcome we’re all hoping for? Can Soilwork match the greatness of Natural Born Chaos and Stabbing the Drama, which I consider to be their best records? Here’s what vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid has to say about it:

So how’s it sounding? Here’s my personal take: I feel it’s bigger than life to use an old cliché, but seriously, if any of you for some reason have missed some of that intricate riffing that made SOILWORK unique, won’t have to wait very long. I feel this record is very playful and we’re not cutting down on anything, no “is this too much information” -consideration, no “less is more”, just pure musical joy with no boundaries, THAT’S to me what it’s all about. Obviously there’s gonna be some surprises like always but giving every member of this band the freedom to go apeshit, will make this record a heavy and naturally catchy one.

Here’s to hoping so. Color me cautiously optimistic that The Panic Broadcast will be the shit.


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