COREY’S JANUARY 2010 BLEEDERS’ DIGESTLast year, I got way too busy with this thing called life and ignored this other thing called metal. As a result, I missed out on a lot of quality music as was evidenced by my paltry contribution to the year-end MetalSucks Best Of 2009 lists.

I am here to rectify the error of my ways, month by month.

Here are the January 2010 releases that got under my skin, burrowed their way into my brain, made my ears bleed, or simply tickled my unmentionables:


ParadoxRiot Squad – Galloping gonads! How is it I have never heard of these legendary Germanic power thrashers? Clean production, clean vocals, crunchy guitars, non-wankyness, real songs – Holy shit!

Urgehal Ikonoklast – Propulsive, nihilistic, Norwegian black thrash metal that gets the noggin’ a bobbin’.

MiserationThe Mirroring Shadow – Swedish Meshuggahish mindfuckishness featuring ex-Scar Symmetry singer Christian Älvestam. Apocalyptic, cataclysmic, sick, sick, sick.

ValkyrjaContamination – Yet more Swedish black metal goodness. Our own Sammy O’Hagar nailed it with his recent review; however, I would have given it an extra ½ horn. Of course, they have the worst album cover I’ve seen in years.

RimfrostVeralder Nagli – Ever wondered what Testament would sound like as a black metal outfit (excluding Eric Peterson’s DragonLord side project)? Rimfrost it is and I like it. Norwegian Maidenesque black metallers go for a rougher production than Valkyrja and score in their own right.

AbigorTime is the Sulphur… – Austrian black metallers (are we starting to sense a theme here?) come forth with a brutiful™ two-song 38-minute mini-opus that redefines what progressive means and makes DEP/Mr. Bungle fans cry in their curdled milk.

Overkill – Ironbound – Finally, an American band on my list. Does that say more about me or the state of American metal? That remains to be seen. You know the drill. It’s Overkill. If you can dig the Blitz’s vocals then you will enjoy. If not, probably not so much.

Exodus Shovel Headed Tour Machine (Live) – Ah, more Americans. Of course, how come the only ones on this list so far are all old farts? Exodus killed on tour with Kreator last year (see my review here). This is the documented proof, Exhibit A. I can visualize the horizontal club-wide pit right now.

Barn BurnerBangers – Unfortunately, our stay in America was short-lived. Now it’s time to hop up north to Montreal to check out these heavily Sabbath-inspired ‘bangers who have easily recorded the best Stoner Metal album of 2010, even this early in the year.

IhsahnAfter – Coolest black metal sax since Nachtmystium from the former Emperor leader. Mixing black prog with VoiVodian discord, Ihsahn understands that the full-length album still has a place in our mind-numbed Ipodian culture. And guess what? He’s from Norway.

IngestedSurpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering – Just when you think you’ve had enough grindcore to last you four lifetimes, along comes a new band to remind you why this subgenre is still vital. These UK lads crank out a nasty, hideous, ponderous pain which means fun for all.

Living SacrificeThe Infinite Order – Proof that the term “Christian Metal” is not an oxymoron. These long-time Little Rock metallers rock big for Jesus without proselytizing.

XasthurAll Reflections Remain – Lo-fi Lustmord-like leanings from L.A.’s lonely one to satisfy your inner demonic need for soundscape hell. Perfect musical background to enhance my writings about evil men.

Some of these releases are possibly late 2009 sets, first-time U.S. releases, or sneak peeks of upcoming albums.

Be sure and tell me what got you all hot and bothered during the past month. Musically, that is…


Corey Mitchell is a best-selling author of true crime books and founder of In Cold Blog. Join him on Facebook and Twitter. His next book, SAVAGE SON, can be pre-ordered now.

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