Slave to the Grind



Last weekend I finally got to see Magrudergrind play live at Cakeshop. I meant to write a review but didn’t get around to it last week, and now our friend Justina Villaneuva, who made her way through the intense pit of the little basement show to get a closer than I did because I’m a pussy, wrote a pretty detailed review for Noisecreep. If you wanna read about how awesome the show was – and it was awesome – you should read that.

No,  this isn’t a show review – just a long-winded way of bringing up NYC’s own Defeatist, who went on right before Magrudergrind. I wasn’t previously familiar with this band, but both Rich Hallford Brooklyn Vegan‘s Black Bubblegum encouraged me to get to the show early and check ’em out. And I’m glad I did.

This is filthy, deformed, venomous grind. It almost sounds like some inbred rednecks are taunting a crying baby, except that Defeatist aren’t inbred rednecks, they’re pissed-off New Yorkers, which means they’re smarter and care even less about their fellow members of the human race. The band’s MySpace page describes their sound as “A fucking mess,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. If you have love in your heart, this band is not for you.

Check these dudes out. They’re playing Maryland Deathfest in May; hopefully there will be other opportunities to see them live before then.


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