Even though we’re always up in Cosmo Lee’s bidness, it’s worth noting that some other awesome writers also post at Invisible Oranges.

Case in point: Chris Rowella, who has published a list of his Top 5 Metal Moments in Movies over at Invisible Oranges.

He’s included all sorts of great cinemetal moments on the list, but my personal favorite is one I love for sentimental reasons – namely, it takes me back to being a kid, when the Gremlins movies were pretty-much the be-all, end-all of awesomeness. Yes, I’m talking about this immortal sequence from Gremlins 2: The New Batch:

Chris doesn’t mention it and I can’t seem to find a clip online, but some of you may recall that Faith No More’s “Surprise! You’re Dead!” also appears in Gremlins Deuce.

Check out the full list here; then come back and let us know what some of your personal favorite metal movie moments are.


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