• Axl Rosenberg

Remember that video last year of Machine Head’s Robb Flynn hanging out in the crowd during a Metallica show, screaming along to “Master of Puppets” with some just regular, average, every day Joe Metallica Fans? And how that made it seem like Flynn was just way too cool for someone so successful?

Well, this tops that by a mile.

According to Machine Head fan site Take My Scars (via Blabbermouth), the band let a fan get on stage and play “Aesthetics of Hate” with them at a show earlier this week (video above)… just because he asked to do so:

A guy in the crowd had a banner that said “Let Me Play ‘Aesthetics Of Hate’ — Seriously, I Can Play It”. MACHINE HEAD guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn asked bassist Adam Duce whether they should invite the fan up on stage and give him a chance to show off his skills. Flynn then said “Let’s do it!” and gave up his axe for the song and just sang for the entire track while the fan played Robb’s guitar.

Holy shit, are you kidding me? Do you know how awesome that is? And not just ’cause they let the dude do it – but because they just opened themselves up to every fucking MH fan in the world who thinks he can play an instrument bringing similar banners to shows now.

God damn, Machine Head is cool.


Thanks for the tip, Kidd!

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