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dawn of demiseSuckalo Kasper Maigaard TOTALLY nailed the description of Dawn of Demise in the email he sent asking us to check them out:

They’re a Danish five-piece, no-fucking-around death metal band. They’re so fucking heavy, as in: slow, technical, ice cold, evil, and fucking brutal. They’re not trying to (re)invent anything, they just master everything, and their only goal is to mow you down and crush your face with their sound.

And they do mow me down and crush my face with their sound. This ain’t tech-death (though the dudes have plenty of chops), there’s no weedily weedily and there’s nary a breakdown to be seen; just bludgeoning death metal riff after bludgeoning death metal riff after bludgeoning death metal riff. Ice cold, evil and fucking brutal. And there I go just re-hashing everything our friend Kasper already said, only less eloquently.

Dawn of Demise just released their second full length A Force Unstoppable on January 19th in most of the world, though their fellow Danes will have to wait until February 8th to get their hands on a physical copy. No matter, because they’ve got two songs from the new record streaming on their MySpace page right now; the brutality contained therein should be enough to tide anyone over for the time being.


P.S.: While you’re at it, check out this band too. Totally worth your time.

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