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I’m on something of a modern power metal kick lately. Those sucky new Raintime songs really got me fired up and looking for something good, and thankfully the power metal faithful amongst the masses of the Suckalo Nation have come through big time. So far you’ve suggested Communic, a quality band indeed. And even though Mercenary’s lineup is in transition and Firewind’s Gus G. is currently tied up with Ozzy, word on the street is that both bands will release new albums in 2010… so that’s good news.

Today’s suggestion comes courtesy of Suckalo Harry Brook who was kind enough to send me not one but two songs from different albums by the Norwegian band Pagan’s Mind. This one, “Enigmatic Mission,” was my favorite of the two and leaves me really wanting to get my hands on the album from whence it came, 2005’s Enigmatic: Calling.

For all my love of the sub-genre, I guess it turns out I’m something of a modern power metal n00b. Enlighten me, Suckalos, and keep those suggestions coming!

I guess we’ve got to think of a new name for this sub-genre too, since “power metal” really isn’t fitting. Europowercheese? Epic Metal? Post-Power?


[Thanks: Harry Brook]

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