Welp I’m back from Egypt, meaning any posts you see from me for the next little while are actually written in realtime as opposed to the canned tripe I wrote in advance that Axl’s been posting over the past 8 days. Egypt was amazing and absolutely fucking fucknuts. I’ll do a full blog with photos about my trip in due time, but for now let’s just say I’m glad to be home where I can easily stroll to my own toilet to suffer the wrath of Ra, who has inflicted upon me a wicked case of the shits that forced this guy to run to the airplane bathroom no less than 5 times on the brutal (in a bad way) 12-hour flight home. Some kind of revenge for my people escaping the Pharaohs a few millenia ago? Who knows.

Two quick observations about Egypt (and I promise I’ll follow with more in due time):

  1. I spent a night smoking “chocolate,” drinking beer and jamming the fuck out to all sorts of metal with MS Maniac Timur Redu of the Cairo-based metal band Brutus. Timur played me some of the new Brutus recordings (not yet posted on their MySpace) and they’re really fucking good. I can’t wait for you all to hear them. Big ups to Timur for being the man.
  2. Easily the best / funniest moment on the entire trip: our first full day in Cairo we rented some camels and rode them to the pyramids. Juggalo Bob spent the entire ride jamming out to Nile on his headphones while looking at these amazing five thousand year-old structures… until his camel went out of control and flipped him over onto the ground like a fucking sack of potatoes. Considering the guy had spent the past 3 months talking about nothing but listening to Nile at the pyramids it was only too fitting. He lived to tell the tale and endless laughter ensued.

In honor of Juggalo Bob, who is still in Egypt, here’s some Nile. I think they wrote this song about my bowels.


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