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dill pickleIn a triumph of e-nerd high fivery, an Internet campaign launched earlier this month to garner a simple (but delicious) dill pickle more Facebook fans than Nickelback reached its goal last Friday and now stands at more than 1.45 million fans. Metal Insider‘s Bram Teitelman goes inside the bun for the report:

Since Roadrunner is Nickelback’s label, and fellow Roadrunner band Killswitch Engage is temporarily without frontman Howard Jones, we think the pickle should replace All That Remains’ Phil Labonte for the remainder of the tour. I for one would pay good money to see Dillswitch Engage. Seriously, who doesn’t like Vlasic rock? I mean, what’s the dill-io with Howard Jones anyway? Roadrunner is stating that the tour will continue with Labonte, but it seems like the band has gotten themselves into quite a pickle. They should totally be relishing this tour, but suddenly things aren’t kosher.

Bravo Bram and bravo Internet. What’s Nickelback got to say about all of this? Hopefully they aren’t half sour.


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