Back when I was a young ‘un and took guitar lessons, my teacher used to gather me and two other students once a week for some jam sessions (that’s not code for “molestion,” you wise guys), which were basically extended rehearsals for “concerts” (e.g., recitals). Each student would pick one song for the band to learn; the student who selected said song had to sing lead vocals and got to take the guitar solo for that song, while someone else played second guitar, someone else played bass, and the instructor played drums.

And it should go without saying that we never, ever sounded as good as this:

That was seven students from Aaron O’Keefe music-instruction school in Ohio. And as if Mr. O’Keefe wasn’t already clearly the coolest music instructor ever, the recording has now found its way to one Mr. Philip Anselmo, who called it “Unbelievable” said that “If [these kids] keep at it (learning from the best), they’ll be getting a call from me to jam in a couple of years!” Obviously he’s just being a nice guy, but if these students keep at it, they really could be in Guns N’ Roses some day.

Here are the names of the students, who certainly deserve their day in the sun:

Drew Lowry: Vocals
John Donnell: Guitar
Andrew Alten: Guitar
Erik Michelfelder: Guitar
Sam Parsons: Bass
Sam Ruschman: Drums


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