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Last year I asked Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway if there were any young bands he was really into, and here’s what he told me:

“I’ve got to be honest: I was getting really bored with metal music.  I was saying I was bored with the metronomic albums, all the ProTools stuff.  I was waiting for someone to come along to really excite me.  Trap Them, I heard them for the first time not so long ago, they put me on my ass when I saw them last year at the [Los Angeles] Murder Fest.  And to a point, I hate sounding pretentious or melodramatic, but they kind of restored my faith in the metal side of things.  They just blew me away.”

That’s pretty much the highest praise any band could ask for, isn’t it? Barney fucking Greenway from Napalm fucking Death says your band restored his faith in metal. Holy shit.

I mention this because out pal Sean “Spleen_Latifa” Gresens from Metal Injection captured the below footage of Trap Them doing a new song, “Degenerate Binds.” I’m actually one of those idiots who didn’t quite understand the appeal of Trap Them – they seem like another pretender to Converge’s throne if you ask me – but I’m willing to give ’em another shot given Mr. Greenway’s ringing endorsement…


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