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Poor Joey Jordison must get bored when he’s not busy with Slipknot; besides Corey Taylor and Clown, he’s easily the most visible member of the band, even when they’re on hiatus (as they are right now). This is extra-amazing when you consider the fact that, unlike Taylor or Clown, he doesn’t really have a side-project: the one he started, Murderdolls, released one album in 2002, did a whole bunch of touring behind it, and then promptly broke-up. (MD vocalist Wednesday 13 recently hinted at a possible Murderdolls reunion, but that doesn’t actually seem to be happening.) But Jordison constantly manages to stay in the spotlight, be it through producing gigs (3 Inches of Blood’s Fire Up the Blades) or, more often, guest spots with other well-known bands: he recorded some drums for Otep’s House of Secrets (as though Otep didn’t sound enough like Slipknot already), toured with Ministry, and did a few tour dates with Satyricon before a couple of their members got arrested on a kiddie-sex charge and that trek was canceled.

And now it’s been announced that Jordison will spend the spring and summer playing for Rob Zombie.

On the one hand, this is perfectly logical; Zombie and Jordison are both, at the end of the day, basically shock rockers. It only makes sense that Zombie’s latest touring band will include a former member of Marilyn Manson and current member of ‘Knot. (Not so interesting side note: Jordison made a cameo in Manson’s “Tainted Love” video, which also featured his new bandmate John 5.)

On the other hand, as is the case with Mr. 5, this is really kind of a waste of Jordison’s talents. I’m not slamming Zombie’s music when I call it “simple,” but let’s be real – you don’t need dudes as proficient with their instruments as Jordison and John 5 are to play “Dragula” or “More Human Than Human” (half of which are drum loops anyway).

Still, I imagine this will make upcoming Zombie shows – including his tour with Alice Cooper and stint on Mayhem Fest – that much more interesting…


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