It’s really difficult to get a sense of what’s going on overseas, but the beauty of the Internet is that our oceans suddenly matter much less (although record labels who still stagger release dates might beg to differ… gotta keep selling those overpriced $15 CDs!!!). The UK’s The Arusha Accord are a band I first wrote about last June, and since that time we’ve gotten more than a couple of emails about them. This tells me something’s percolating.

We’ve finally got a new video to judge them by. The song “Dead to Me” highlights what I remember liking best about this band last time around; their combination of Sikth-style whackiness and something a touch more accessible. Metal elitists purists might cringe at the band’s sparse use of clean vocals in the choruses, but I find it to be done tastefully and in a way that adds to the song as a whole. As for the video itself, it’s very simple but I really like the aesthetic of it; it just shows the band rocking the fuck out in a way that’s easy on the eye, and though playing in front of a white screen isn’t the most original idea ever it’s at least 100x better than a warehouse.


Thanks: Ozy

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