A few years ago I made a promise to a friend that if and when The Deftones come through NYC we’d go to the show so he can crowd-surf for the very first time. My friend isn’t a metalhead but grew up in Sacramento and has all sorts of love for The Deftones. But since I made that promise The Deftones haven’t done a whole lot of touring for obvious reasons.

Watching The Deftones’ new video for “Rocket Skates” — the track the band released as a free download a couple of weeks back — mostly just makes me really excited to bring my friend to a Deftones show and let him experience what a real moshpit is all about. And don’t fool yourselves, people: the moshpit at a Deftones show is way rougher than most of the kvlt/tr00/br00tal bands you’re all surely thinking of while declaring The Deftones aren’t metal.

Side note: is Chino looking quite svelte these days or what?

Check out a track-by-track review of Diamond Eyes over at Metal Hammer. The album comes out May 17th.


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