Slave to the Grind



That’s what it says on the MySpace page of Denver grindcore outfit Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire. Vince dispatched a MetalSucks Mansion Monkey to the Axl Annex this morning to tell me to check these dudes out, and, y’know… good call, Vince! I’m really digging this band. And between the above quote and the fact that they list “Walking away from the human race” as their primary influence, it’s obvious that they share a life philosophy with a certain cranky metal blogger.

Clinging to the Tress of a Forest Fire just signed to Prosthetic, and will be playing the MetalSucks co-sponsored Prosthetic Records Showcase at SXSW next week. Hopefully Vince will return with reports of a killer live show that matches the energy of their recorded music. While we wait to find out, you can give Clinging to the Tress of a Forest Fire here.


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