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I’m always fascinated when dudes with genuine musical talented take gigs with bands that are far below their level. I mean, it makes perfect sense; band needs a fill-in member or hired gun and someone else in the band / their label / their management knows someone who knows someone who can learn the material fast and play it well. Dude takes the gig because it pays crazy loot. I guess mostly I’m just disappointed that someone with such obvious talent isn’t doing something that really puts their skills to full use. Last week I ended up drinking beers with the keyboard player for Kanye West and Lady Gaga’s live bands; dude’s all sorts of talented but instead is relegated to playing little pop ditties. I guess we all have bills to pay, right? And on the brightside, those endeavors can certainly fund more interesting ones later on.

This is all a very long-winded introduction to MS Maniac Mark Moritz-Rabson’s discovery that Korn’s current fill-in guitarist Shane Gibson turns out to be quite a musician. He certainly doesn’t make Korn’s shit-tastic music sound any better, but on his own he’s a talented player. His style really reminds me of Animals As Leaders’ Tosin Abasi.


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