Not Quite Metal?


  • Axl Rosenberg

That Ryan Adams likes metal isn’t news. As you can see/hear in the above video, dude even recorded a cover of my favorite Alice in Chains song once (which, admittedly, is not AIC’s most metal song, but still, I don’t see The Arcade Fire doing it). Still, I was pretty surprised to read on Metal Injection that he’s released the following statement via his official website:

“We’re going to begin pressing ORION — my most legit METAL record — on vinyl next week… P.S. Not a single B.C. Rich was hurt in the making of this record.”

It’s the use of the word “most” that really confuses me here; does Adams have other, less legit METAL records? Not that I’m aware of. More likely, his phrasing is just terrible and he’s trying to say that this is his most legit record, and that it happens to be metal. I’m guessing. ‘Cause every Ryan Adams song I’ve heard up ’til now has been about as metal as wood.

There is a sample of one of the songs on Orion streaming here, and… it’s the vocals strike me as being kinda typically hipsterish, but the guitar tones are certainly metallic. Still, I’d hesitate to call it “metal.”

If anyone ends up listening to this thing, I guess let us know how it is. ‘Cause I sure as fuck ain’t paying for it.


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