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Every time I hear about an amazing unsigned band and then I think about the fact that a band like Vampires Everywhere got signed — in large part because I posted a ‘Shitstain’ about them — a little part of me dies inside. So, HEY, A&R guys, THIS is the column you need to pay attention to for your signing perusal, not the Shitstain series. Our readers know what’s up and send us emails about awesome bands (and naturally a lot of shitty ones) every single day.

Without further adieu, here are some of the best Readers’ Choice bands you all have sent in lately:

  • Dr. Slaggleberry: Like Keelhaul if Keelhaul had a more restrained Les Claypool on bass and Ben Weinman on guitar… and they all smoked a shitload of weed. [Thanks: Lee Mezcallo]
  • Persefone: Modern prog metal / melodeth with a hint of Power Epic, hailing from the country of Andorra (I had to look it up too). Like the country from which the band hails, their music is pretty diverse. [Thanks: Brian K.]
  • Exotic Animal Petting Zoo: Between The Binary Code, Cynic and Me. The MS Mansion Monkeys are getting a bit riled up about this one. [Thanks: Tim Meyer]

‘Tis all for today. Keep ’em comin’ and I’ll keep posting about ’em.


Pictured: Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.

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