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Before I saw their video on Bouche de Bavard this morning, I’d never heard of M.A.N., “the group formed out of the ashes of Sweden’s TRANSPORT LEAGUE (featuring former MNEMIC frontman Tony Jelencovich).” And when I first started to watch this video, for the track “Logocide,” I was all, “Oh, hey, great! Another shitty band I can make fun of!” Because a) here is a song that is apparently either about the murder of logos or wood, b) everyone in the band dresses like a total tool and even though you should never judge a book by its cover sometimes it’s fun to do just that anyway, c) the wallpaper behind the band would strongly suggest that they filmed this video at my grand ma’s house on Staten Island, and d) the clear plastic gloves the guitar player is wearing would suggest that while he was at my grand ma’s house, he helped her dye her hair.

But I’m actually really digging the song, which alternately sounds like one the world’s better Meshuggah rip-offs and,well, Mnemic (or any number of Swedish melodeath bands). So, maybe not startlingly original, but still pretty cool!

“Logocide” comes off of M.A.N.’s latest, Massive Audio Nerve, which comes out in Germany at the end of this month. Or something. Anyway, the other shit on the band’s MySpace page doesn’t sound as cool as this song, so maybe this is one of those situations where you’re best off just getting the single.


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