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We haven’t written about Anata all that much because, well, they haven’t done that much in the time MS has been around. Their last album, The Conductor’s Departure, came out in 2006, before MetalSucks existed; we named that record “Album of the Day” once back when we still did “Album of the Day;” then, in July of 2008, we celebrated as the band announced that they were working on a new offering.

Of course, that album never actually materialized. In a MySpace posting from February of this year, the band promised that “we will try to make the release [of the new album] happen this year,” but that’s not very encouraging. And while drummer Conny Pettersson has started a YouTube page with some live footage from last February, the videos aren’t great quality, and are (obviously) no substitute for a real album.

So where art thou, Anata? What’s the problem? Can I get you anything? A foot rub? A glass of warm milk? A joint? Is there band drama? Money drama? Is the record even done? If so, surely someone must wanna release it, right?

Hopefully we’ll learn more sooner rather than later. While we wait, here’s some of that live footage I mentioned…


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