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I got an e-mail from reader Will Kriss over the weekend, very politely asking me to check out a Swedish death metal band, Godhate. “I did a search on MetalSucks,” Will told me, “and you guys have NO articles related to them.” He also included a link to the band’s MySpace page.

And since so few of you actually take the time to do a search before e-mailing us (We’ve recently received e-mails asking why we’ve never written about Gojira or The Gathering of the Juggalos. Seriously.), or bother to include links, well, I was only too-happy to take Will’s advice and check out Godhate. And while I wasn’t exactly blown away, they’re not a bad band by any stretch of the imagination. Just super-generic. But if you like groups such as Vader and Dew-Scented, I imagine you’ll at least kinda-sorta dig this.

Listen to Godhate here, then let Will know what you think in the comments section below.


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