Yesterday I walked by Gramercy Park for the first time in a long while. For those not familiar, Gramercy Park is an NYC park — duh — that takes up a small city block. It’s right in the center of the very prestigious Gramercy neighborhood where a lot of celebrities live (like Mike Piazza!! omgz!!!) and is lined by some of the oldest, best-kept, most-beautifullest brownstone houses in the city. But here’s the thing; it’s private. Only the very rich folks who live on the blocks adjacent to the park have the key to get inside of it. I’ve lived in this city for a long while and have never been beyond those wrought iron gates, let alone even know anyone who has. Some day when MetalSucks overtakes Gawker as the most ridiculous blog on the Interwebs maybe Mayor Mike will take us on a tour.

Anyway, this all reminded me of the song “The Key to Gramercy Park” by Deadsy, the band fronted by the son of Cher and Gregg Allman, Elijah Blue Allman (stagename: P. Exeter Blue I). When this video came out I kinda liked the song, but recognized (as did most everyone else) that the band’s nu-metal flavor made them a bit behind the times. For chrissakes Jonathan Davis lent his vocals to the song and Fred fucking Durst directed the video. But watching it now, I can’t help but think Deadsy were actually ahead of the times in some ways — those new-wavey synth sounds? Dude, those things would make the entirety of Bedford Avenue splooge their pants these days. And the medical zombie shtick is so Williamsburg. It’s funny how trends evolve.

I wonder if Mr. Blue ever actually did go inside Gramercy Park?


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