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SLIPKNOT’S CHRIS FEHN SEEKS (WILL) HAVENSlipknot always take extended breaks in-between albums; that downtime is usually used for Corey Taylor to go do something with Stone Sour, Joey Jordison and Shawn “Clown” Crahan to go play with/produce whomever the hell they’re playing with/producing at the moment, and the rest of the band to pretty much fall off the face of the planet. Not to be rude or anything, I mean, maybe the other six dudes in the band all have very their own musical side-projects, but I’ve never heard about any of them, which isn’t a great sign.

But Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn (a.k.a. “The one whose mask has a Pinocchio schnozz“) is getting in on the action now: Lambgoat reports that he is now the new bassist for Will Haven. So, hey, lookit that! He can do more than hit a garbage can with a baseball bat and jerk-off his nose. Killer.

I’m not actually a Will Haven fan – they’re not a terrible band or anything, I just don’t really care about them. But it is interesting that Fehn, like Jordison and Crahan before him, is playing in a band that sounds nothing like Slipknot. (You can’t really say that about Stone Sour, who were basically a more radio-friendly version of Slipknot before Slipknot became a more radio-friendly version of Slipknot.) It’s good to know that these guys think outside the “People = Shit” box sometimes, y’know? “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound” is just an awfully depressing thought to have all the time.

Meanwhile, no idea what Slipknot’s actual bass player, Paul Gray, is doing with his free time.


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